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Dive Provo

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Dive Provo

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Dive Provo, the premier dive operation in the Turks and Caicos Islands, knows that experienced divers want the freedom to plan and execute their own dives, explore at their own pace and enjoy the reef without having to follow a group of other divers. A thorough dive briefing is given prior to every dive and divers enter the water in their buddy teams. We are lucky in the Turks and Caicos Islands to have generally spectacular visibility, minimal currents and easy navigation along the edge of the walls.

Divers without buddies team with the divemaster and everyone on board explores the reef at their own pace. An underwater marker is used to aid in re-locating the boat and divers enjoy a relaxed dive without worrying about keeping up with the group.

Newer divers are offered advice on buoyancy control and navigation and may prefer to follow the guide in the water, but most soon learn that they see more underwater and enjoy the sport more if they are allowed to control their own dive. This philosophy of diving freedom ensures a core repeat clientele and many word of mouth recommendations.

Dive Provo will work with you to plan either a complete vacation package including airfare and hotel, or if you prefer, we have rates for individual dives and discounted dive packages!

The schedule of diving options at Dive Provo is flexible, extensive and varied. Designed to cater to the needs of novice divers through experienced, the daily schedule includes two tank dives departing at 8:30 am and one tank dives at 2:30 pm.

The 2 tank dives visit nearly all of the areas around Provo including Grace Bay, Northwest Point, West Caicos, French Cay, Pine Cay and Sandbore Channel.

3 tank Scuba Safaris: These are scheduled every Wednesday and a full day 3 tank trip will take you to the less often visited areas of Southwest Reef, ½ mile Reef, Molasses Reef or West Sand Spit. $169.00 for one day or $59.00 add-on to your two-tank package. 1 tank of Nitrox is included to allow enough time for full exploration. (Divers who are not certified Nitrox divers receive instruction and supervision.)

Each area has numerous dive sites and it's own special appeal. For divers taking advantage of a dive package we try to rotate dives around all the areas so you get a taste of the variety the diving in the Turks and Caicos offers.

Following a pre-dive briefing divers dive buddy system or may follow the guide. Navigation is relatively easy along the edge of the wall and an in-water marker allows for easy relocation of the boat.

The single tank dives all take place out in Grace Bay. A short boat ride from the dock, dives here make for a very relaxing afternoon. The reef starts in about 25feet of water under the boat and generally slopes off gently to about 120ft. Spur and groove coral formations offer interesting topography with many nooks and crannies for underwater creatures to hide in and for inquisitive divers to explore.

We have found a number of divers are afraid to take that first giant stride into dark water. We have a solution! The "Rush Hour." We set off before sunset and enter the water at dusk, encountering the daytime workers heading home to safety for the night and the night shift starting out for a night of hunting. Fish, normally afraid in bright sunlight will allow us to get close, and as darkness falls our lights pick up the true vibrant colors of corals bland looking during the day, octopus slinking over the reef and sharks coming in to feed. During the summer months dinner may be a little late but the show is certainly worth it.

Rush Hour dives are scheduled for Thursday nights (with a minimum of 6 divers). If you and your friends wish to go another evening this can also be arranged.

Take note of the moon when you visit Provo. Full moon dives often need no light at all and are quite eerie, or try diving with the glow-worms. These creatures mate every month 3-5 days after the full moon. The males die after their usefulness is spent, going out in a burst of underwater flames. An interesting light show!


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