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St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures

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St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures

Contact Information

  • 1104 Strand St
  • # 14
  • Christiansted, St Croix 00820
  • Virgin Islands, U.S.

  • Phone: 877-567-1367
  • Email: Send Email
  • Web: Visit Website

The "Friendliest Dive Shop on Earth" is right here on St. Croix. This beautiful U.S. Virgin Island is the home of the largest living reef of any of the Caribbean islands. It is known here as the "ultimate wall".

Two Tank Dives

Our main boat, Reliance, leaves the dock at 8:30am and heads out for a two-tank dive. The sites are decided daily based on a number of factors. Requests from customers, where the divers have already been (so they don't repeat a site), and conditions (visibility, current, etc.). We're usually back at the dock between noon and 1pm depending on how far we went.

Typically our first dive is along the wall diving a multi-level profile starting at 70 to 80 feet for fifteen minutes, then up to 60 feet for another fifteen minutes, and finishing out in 40 feet for the remainder of the dive. After an hour surface interval (during which time we move the boat to a different site) we dive along one of the coral gardens on a 50 foot dive for no longer than fifty minutes. Keep in mind, these profiles are the typical ones used by our dive staff. Divers who (along with their buddies) prefer to dive their own profiles or use their computers are certainly welcome to do so. No one is forced to dive with the group or use the groups profile.

Night Dives

Night diving here is absolutely awesome. Whether by boat or the Frederiksted Pier, there's only one problem, the staff winds up fighting over who gets to go. It's not unusual to find several of the staff going along for the fun of it. We schedule several night dives a week based on demand. We try to leave about 15 minutes before sundown so we can see the sunset from the water and start diving just after it sets.


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